Entrepreneur Stanley Rao is widely regarded as in innovator, and many credit him with pioneering marketing outsourcing. The founder, President, and CEO of the global business organization known as Champions Group, he has been named one of the 100 Most Influential Global Sales & Marketing Technology Leaders by Marketing Times. Due to the success and growth of Champions Group, Stanley Rao has spoken at a number of elite industry gatherings, including the Global CLO Summit, the Search Marketing Summit, and the CEO Marketing Summit. 

As President and CEO, Stanley Rao oversees Champions Group’s many services and programs, which are as diverse as its clientele and its 1,500 group members. Since its 2000 launch, Champions Group has expanded into the following areas: marketing outsourcing, real estate, infrastructure, data digitalization, document management systems, communication, entertainment, and campaigns. 

Mr. Rao’s expertise includes marketing outsourcing and lead management technology. His efforts have led to Champions Group’s successful acquisition of companies in lead management, digital marketing workforce enablement, and celebrity marketing management. Additionally, Stanley Rao played an instrumental part in advocating for Champions Group’s real estate vision, improving realty industry standards, and managing the company’s government solutions programs. 

In addition to attending to his responsibilities at Champions Group, Stanley Rao maintains active involvement in several well-known civic and industry organizations, and he serves on boards at the CEO Marketing Summit, CMO Marketing Summit, and Champions Trust & Charitable Foundations. Mr. Rao enjoys using his position at Champions Group to give back to his community, the Bengaluru region of India. As a successful entrepreneur who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering as well as a Master’s degree in Computers, he knows firsthand the power of education. As a result, much of Stanley Rao’s charitable work involves funding for critical resources such as books, uniforms, and transportation, which allows area children to attend school and remain academically competitive. 

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Stanley Rao - CEO of Champions Group